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• Is being unorganized keeping you from being successful?

• Are you tired of working long hours without feeling like you are making any headway?

• Do you work and work to get organized and stream-lined only to fall back into the same bad habits?

By working together and using the MAP Method you can regain control over your home, office and anywhere else you feel you're losing control. You will become more focused, organized, and productive, and stay that way! How does that sound?

• Are you afraid/unable to throw things away?
• Are you not sure what is important to keep and what can be let go?
• Do systems overwhelm or aggravate you?
• Do you know what needs to be done but dread doing it?

Using the MAP Method we will identify where you are getting stuck and why. Then we will identify the action steps that will help you move forward. We'll find the MOTIVATION to fix the problem and we'll apply the ACCOUNTABILITY steps to make sure that we complete the organization process and that you have the tools to stay organized from then on. This will help you achieve the PROSPERITY you are searching for.


Beth Koritz, St. Louis Therapist

Koritz Counseling & Coaching

758 Chamberlain Place, St. Louis, MO 63119

Together we will Examine and Conquer The Three W's:

Wasted Space – Do you have space that can be put to better use, made more efficient, thereby making you more efficient? Is there a place for everything and is everything in its place?

Wasted Effort – Are you doing things twice or three times that should be done once? Are you working efficiently?

Wasted Time – Do you do 'busy work' in order to delay doing the work you should be doing? Do things take you longer to do the first time than they should due to lack of organization or lack of focus and clarity?

So, what are you waiting for? As soon as you see that these are not mountains in front of you but just little hills that are easily climbed you will love the view from the top. Let's get started!