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Perfect Harmony

Counseling and Coaching St. Louis

Finding life's passion

  • Are you ready to stop feeling stuck?

  • Are you ready to be happier and more fulfilled? 

  • Are you ready to have more confidence and fully accept your body? 

  • Are you ready to say YES it is time for a change?!

YES, it is time to be excited about your life and journey!!


Dial 314-266-8526 to schedule an appointment today!

or email beth@koritzcc.com

beth koritz therapist coach

My role is to guide you through the process...

"I enjoy helping people who find themselves in some stage of transition"

Hi, I'm Beth Koritz, licensed professional counselor, authenticity coach, and best-selling author.

Whether you are considering a change in your life, are in the midst of change, or coming to terms with change, I can help you work through it. Change may feel scary and it is easy to let barriers slow us down or even stop our progress. Sometimes these barriers are created by our own perceptions and sometimes they are real and concrete obstacles.
In our sessions, you will identify which is which and learn the tools for dispelling the perceived barriers and overcoming or working around the concrete barriers. You will create a plan to get to the place you want to see yourself both figuratively and literally while finding the confidence, strength, and certainty that your life is yours to create.

Body Positive

Body Positive

Old Lady

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Dial 314-266-8526 to schedule an appointment today!

or email beth@koritzcc.com

Authenticity Academy

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Discovery Session

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Resilience Road Book

Image by Antonino Visalli

Samm B

I can't believe how quickly I changed the way I saw myself. I am more comfortable in my skin than I've ever been!

Debbie G

Somewhere along the way, I got so caught up in the roles I was living I lost who I was as a person. Thank you for helping me find ME!

Yvette M

I'm finally living the life that I want to live instead of the life I thought I was supposed to live.  I can't wait to see what is next.