Counseling in St Louis MO with Beth Koritz

coaching in st. louis with beth koritz


Beth Koritz is both a St. Louis Therapist and a St. Louis Coach.


What is the difference between a coach and a therapist?


​Sometimes the differences are obvious and sometimes they are subtle. While therapy often focuses on your past and how it has helped to create your present, coaching tends to focus on the future. Also, coaching is usually more directive than therapy.


Why would a licensed therapist also be a coach?

​Did you know, in most states anyone can call themselves a coach with absolutely zero training or education? Having a coach that also happens to be a therapist is like a having a winning ticket in your pocket! Perhaps there are issues blocking your ability to reach your goals that are emotional or triggers from your past.


Together we will be looking at your wants and needs, your goals, accomplishments and yes, sometimes your mistakes (there may be a lot to be learned there). Whether it is life coaching, authenticity coaching or business development coaching together we will be developing concrete action plans that will move you to the next stage of success.




The MAP Method


Momentum + Accountability = Prosperity


noun, pros·per·i·tee: a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition


When you see really successful business owners, it can look like building their business was effortless; or as if they knew something "secret" that allowed them to grow quickly and easily.


But the true secret that successful business owners know is this: with each new level of their business – from just starting out through multi-million dollar sales – they had to stretch themselves inside and out. The stretches happen faster when you build your inner confidence along with your business plan. Otherwise, you end up getting stuck in the same place.


Here are some of the common signs that this balance between inner and outer growth is out of whack:


• You've gotten excited about a business idea and then someone's negative feedback stopped you from taking action.


• You started your business with passion, but now you spend your time frustrated


• Your bookshelves are lined with ways to make money in business, but your business still isn't growing.


• You are good at coming up with ideas, but when it comes to implementing them you freeze, afraid that you might take the wrong step.


• You really want your business to soar to the next level, but you feel like all you do is spin your wheels.


Then the MAP Method may be your secret key to the kind of success you are seeking.


The MAP Method will allow you to work with:


• Improved focus • Enhanced clarity


• Fewer distractions • More passion for your life's purpose


• Better balance in your life


How Does It Work?


Whether you have a business that isn't meeting your expectations, a have a business idea and you want support during the start up process or you know you want your own business but haven't identified your passion and purpose yet, the MAP Method will work for you. Based on your needs, we will meet as frequently as necessary. We can work together weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, in person, on the phone or video conference. Our work is one on one and strictly confidential. We will identify your passions, opportunities and priorities. My objectivity will help you see situations clearly and by being accountable you will get things done quicker and more efficiently than before.


I have had many successful businesses and I have been coached by the best. I know what works to create a successful business and what works to create busy work. I'm here to help you eliminate the 'busy work' and procrastination that gets in your way.


When you and I work together we will create specific goals and objectives. We will meet on a regular basis to make sure you are always moving forward, achieving your goals and getting your desired results. When using my expertise in business development, creativity and insight you will see momentum that up until now has escaped you.


My job is to keep you on task, motivated and excited by your success.


Your success is my success!



Counseling in St Louis MO with Beth Koritz
Counseling in St Louis MO with Beth Koritz
Counseling in St Louis MO with Beth Koritz
Counseling in St Louis MO with Beth Koritz
Counseling in St Louis MO with Beth Koritz
Counseling in St Louis MO with Beth Koritz