The link below will take you to your forms. Please print and complete the Intake, Informed Consent and Receipt of Privacy Practices forms and bring them with you to your first appointment.


If you would like me to release (share) your confidential information with someone else (such as your significant other/relative, physician, previous or another therapist, attorney, etc.), you will have to authorize me to do so in writing by completing and returning the Consent to Release Confidential Information form.


Completing these in advance allows us to make the most of your session by not taking time to fill out forms.


The Notice of Privacy Practice (HIPAA) and Electronic Records Disclosure forms are important for you to read prior to signing the Receipt of Privacy Practice Notice but you do not need to print or sign them. Feel free to save and print them at your discretion.


Forms for Koritz Counseling & Coaching Clients



Forms for Jewish Family & Children Services clients



HIPAA Compliant E-Counseling





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